The 7 Figure Case Study

How One Coach Went From 6 to 7 figures in just over a Year With These smart Growth Strategies 

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Like a lot of coaches out there, Michele had hit a plateau in her business. She was already an established expert in her industry but she hadn’t truly cracked the code on how to scale her success. She was stuck.
Her plate was already too full, and she didn’t have the time, energy, or desire to add anything else to it. 

Michele needed a way to make more without doing more. 
In my FREE case study, you’ll uncover Michele’s story and why she utilized this exclusive roadmap to help her with her coaching business. You’ll also discover how to…

      Free up your schedule and work with fewer clients BUT get paid a lot more for your work.

      Uncover the often-overlooked bottlenecks that are stunting your growth.

      Eliminate the waste of time and money on paid advertising, running webinars, and up-selling.

      Confidently sell ultra-high-end packages to clients that are committed to transforming their  business - your genius is worth more than you realize!

      Move from 6 figures to 7 figures without having to sacrifice your schedule or your relationships.

“I made $250,000 in sales in 2 weeks of joining Jessica’s program.”

Michele | Business Coach for Interior Designers

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